Street and Urban

  • Way Out
    A solitary woman walks to the exit of Blackfriars station, London, England
  • Need More Coffee
    Two men having eaten breakfast in McDonalds, Camden Town, London
  • Crossing London Bridge
    Office workers crossing London bridge with Tower bridge in the background
  • I Don't Want to Talk
    Man and woman in a wheelchair sitting outisde of Kings Cross station, London, England
  • Being Happy
    Young boy and girl playing on the street in Camden Town, London
  • Big Mac
    A street man sitting in a doorway holding a big mac, Camden Town, London, England
  • Gossips
    Three woman sitting on a bench talking, London, England
  • Feeding Time
    A mother bottle feeds her baby outisde a burger bar in St Pancras station, London, England
  • Tired Lover
    Young man rests his head on his girlfriend, Rome, Italy
  • Naughty
    A man and woman embrace outside of a massage parlour in Camden Town, London, England
  • Are We There Yet?
    A woman and her young son and daughter walking along James Street, Covent Garden
  • Smiling Eyes
    Muslim man with muslim woman wearing a Niqab in Covent Garden, London
  • The Four Seasons
    Man handing out publicity leaflets for Vivaldi's four seasons on the steps of St Martin in the fields, London
  • Centre of Attention
    Three muslim women walking along St Martins Lane, London reading text messages
  • Just Like That
    Two restaurant kitchen workers sitting outside smoking and talking, Leicester Square, London
  • Something Missing
    An asian woman seated with friends at an outdoor table looks into the distance
  • Observing
    A street woman begs for money while a well dressed woman looks on
  • Being Suggestive
    Young man and woman embrace, Via Del Corso, Rome, Italy
  • Multiple Amputee
    Man seated in a wheelchair on Via Del Corso, Rome, Italy
  • The Look
    Two waiters, one wearing a curly moustache, Rome, Italy
  • Prima Donna
    A woman waits in the entrance of a shop in Via Del Corso, Rome, Italy
  • null
  • Struggling
    A woman attempts to carry a pushchair with a baby down the steps at Finsbury Park station, London
  • The Bus Stop
    Two women and a young man at a bus stop on Camden High Street, London
  • The Transaction
    A group of young men transact a deal to buy a moped in Camden Town, London